The objectives of The Chimneys with regard to social sustainability: to produce a development design which creates jobs and infrastructure for more on-site employment and businesses; provides places for children to play, safe from cars without close supervision; and replaces the social isolation of unsustainable subdivisions with places of conversation, community and education.

Each dwelling lot in the Village has been planned with a Building Zone which establishes the area within which the building footprint should be located, an Amenity Zone which suggests the area of the lot which can be allocated for outdoor living and recreation, and a Productive Zone which can be developed for vegetable and herb garden and fruit trees. Building is not allowed in Amenity Zones or Productive Zones. These plans are incorporated in the Development Control Plan, and are to be used as a guide to lot planning and dwelling location and layout. They have been developed to avoid things such as overshadowing from neighbouring dwellings, to make it easier to plan for good passive solar design as well as visual and acoustic privacy, to facilitate access, and to design homes to maximise views and the features of each lot.



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community centre including library; solar heated lap pool; tennis court; walking and bicycle paths; community productive garden;on-site production of fruit and vegetables; edible landscaping; community car share.