The Chimneys – a sustainable village – demonstrates that sustainable houses and subdivisions need not look markedly different, cost more, offer less amenity, nor be less desirable, than conventional unsustainable houses in conventional unsustainable subdivisions.

A sustainable subdivision can be practical, profitable, financially viable, and quick to build, when compared with a conventional unsustainable subdivision.

“People say sustainable housing comes at a premium. Not so. One of the primary requirements for building a sustainable house is to get the orientation right. Building a house in the right direction does not cost any more.” architect and originator of The Chimneys, the late Ian Bailey.  “We are targeting the mainstream so that living in something like this is just as appealing as an unsustainable development down the road.”

Students at Bond Unviersity, Queensland, Australia will be carefully monitorung an reporting on many aspects as The Chimneys is developed.  This invaluable information will be availble to developers for future modelling on suistainable sub-divisions.  www.sucarato.com.au